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PAT Testing

 PAT Testing stands for - Portable Appliance Testing.

Safety testing of portable electric appliances for ; Holiday homes - Furnshed Let Property- Offices - Sports Clubs - and light Commercial business computers and hand tools on site etc. Anything that has a plug on it and is movable and portable.


The owners of portable and movable electrical items need to have the items inspected to check it is safe to use by the public and employee's. This is a Health & Safety Law requirement.

Insurance companies / policies state this is also a requirement of the cover they provide - to have a certificate completed for each item and held on file to confirm risk has been assessed.


Here is a HSE web link to clarify this.  HSE link


The cost of Pat Testing is based on a set fee plus travel and then £1-50 per item tested.

So please ring 01665 604648  or email me at martin95110@aol.com to get your quote for your testing being completed. 


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