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Asbestos Surveys.

I am a qualified and insured Asbestos surveyor for Asbestos surveys and sampling and can remove "Non liscenced" classed asbestos material. 

Different types of Asbestos have to be treated and handed in different ways. Some types you need a liscence and some you do not and depends on what the survey samples identify.


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With Asbestos being used in the construction of domestic and commercial buildings and machinery for many years, it is still a major cause of discease and even death from breathing in the Asbetos fibres without knowing the outcome of this exposure over time.

All types of Asbestos was banned from use in the year 2000.

But there are still many properties and machines that have Asbestos containing material doing what is was designed to do. 

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Health and Safety rules states that All duty holders of a building have to have an Asbestos register on site to show employee's and workmen where any Asbestos is located or to confirm that No Asbestos is on site.   Also know as an Asbestos management document.

Please check if this effects you here


This register will show where Asbestos is located and the action that needs to be taken while in the building.  Here is the link for guidance 

If you do not have an Asbestos survey- Management report for your property please get in touch by the following. tel 01665 604648 or click here to email 


If your Chartered surveyor says in the report that their may be Asbestos somewhere in a property that you are looking to buy then I can help by taking samples to get checked.

Please get in touch by  tel 01665 604648  email 


Please get in touch if you wish to discuss anything about Asbestos surveys etc.


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